Along with creating as a photographer, Russell has added creative writing to his endeavors. Originally dabbling in erotic blog writing, he created a blog that reached over 50K reads. Now he’s taken elements from his life, photography adventures and added some fantasy to create his first erotic romance adventure, That First Year. Currently in the process of writing the sequel in this series, That Next Year is coming soon. Also now available is the short story series, Maggie Stories based on the original blog. 

That First Year

Elizabeth Mittner, Beth to her friends, one day finds she’s in the wrong place at the right time. Willingly seduced into a sexual arrangement with an older man, David Fanning, who is much too close to her personal life. The sex is amazing but is the risk worth it as she finds herself drawn into the mysterious world he is apart of, where money for sex flows freely?

Once she is fully entrenched in this world, will it all implode on her when a cute boy appears in her life, forcing a decision between love and money? Can she make it through that first adult year?

Currently Available on Amazon in Hardcopy or E-book

Amazon: That First year – Hardcopy

Amazon: That First Year – Ebook

Maggie’s Stories

Follow the adventures of Maggie Russell, a trust fund baby, her boyfriend J and all the other friends and lovers she encounters along the way…

This is a collection of mini-stories set inside a short story format, designed for quick easy reads and there will be plenty to follow. Starting in current time but there will be flashbacks to various episodes of the characters lives.

Available on Amazon as an E-book

Amazon: Maggie’s Stories – Ebook